Best Practices for Performance – VMware Infrastructure 3

VMworld 2007 has come and gone, but if you missed it, many of the sessions have been made public. Session TA61, titled VMware Infrastructure 3 – Best Practices for Performance is viewable online complete with screencast, audio (mp3) and pdf document.

The new VMware Infrastructure 3 architecture introduces greater flexibility and performance over previous releases. This talk covers tips and best practices for the most performance-critical components of ESX Server: CPU, memory, storage and networking, resource management and DRS. The talk is intended for anyone who has deployed VMware Infrastructure 3 and wants to make their systems perform even better with thoroughly-tested tips and strategies.

Whether it’s setup, a decision to use UP or SMP VMs, allocation of memory to virtual machines, impact of various algorithms and techniques introduced by ESX Server, maximizing storage and networking bandwidth, or common mistakes made using these sub-systems, this talk covers what you need to know to improve your experience with VMware Infrastructure 3.

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