Free VMware Workstation Course

VMware Workstation

If you are new to VMware’s products, there’s a good chance that VMware Workstation will be the first product you use of theirs/ours (disclosure: I work for VMware). It was the first product I used before I came to work there. I see today that VMware is offering a free online course to learn the … Read more

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VMware Workstation 6 Download

VMware Workstation

Today’s the day folks! VMware has released VMware Workstation 6, the sixth generation of its desktop virtualization software product. You can download the datasheet for more information or get an evaluation copy here. This is the version that allows users to record the execution of a virtual machine, including all inputs, outputs, and decisions made … Read more

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VMware Record and Play

VMware has just added a feature to its Workstation product that will forever change the way software companies fix bugs in their products. Called “VM Record/Replay”, developers can now replay the execution of software captured in a Virtual Machine. Having worked in Tech. Support for more than 12 years I can tell you the worst … Read more

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There’s Help for Windows Vista

Chris Pirillo says he just went back to Windows XP from Vista. For Chris, Vista just had too little support for his current USB hardware and he missed the way XP just worked. His suggestion?


I quote-

“So, why recommend VMWare’s software over Microsoft’s own Virtual PC? That answer is exceedingly simple: VMWare is an amazingly robust virtualization tool – and it’s the only one that supports USB 2.0 device passthroughs. Virtual USB device support *ALONE* is makes it possible to run your XP-happy hardware on Windows Vista. Virtual PC is an inferior product by comparison – no arguments, my friends.”

That’s an awesome endorsement from a guy who is more Microsoft friendly than most other outspoken tech bloggers/podcasters.

I too have just had it with Vista and tossed it out. I bought a brand new laptop last weekend from my local big box electronic chain which had Vista preloaded on it. Sure looked nice and shiny in the store. Got it home and much to my dismay a lot of my software had issues with Vista, not to mention I couldn’t run my copy of VMware Workstation on it. Arrrgh!!

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