VMwareKB TV is alive again

VMware Knowledgebase

I see that the YouTube channel known as VMwareKB has started publishing new content again after several years of going dark. It’s interesting to me because I was the one who created the channel many years back when I worked at VMware on the Knowledgebase team. YouTube has changed quite a bit since then, and … Read more

News re: VMwarewolf!

The author of VMwarewolf is no longer employed by VMware. I just got the news today that my entire team- KX Online Channels is no longer employed.  What were KX Channels? Above all, we produced the VMware Knowledgebase. We also produced The Support Insider blog as well as the KB Digest blog. Also under our … Read more

vSphere 5 Network Poster

vSphere 5 Network Poster

The VMware Knowledgebase folks recently put together a networking diagram for vSphere 5.x that has gone viral. The original blog post about it can be found here. Some people, however, have been having a difficult time downloading the actual pdf file. We found an alternate download link for the diagram here. Pass it on to … Read more

Help with My VMware

Here are some really helpful Knowledgebase articles that VMware has up about the new portal, My VMware: My VMware FAQ (2014350) Users and permissions in My VMware (2006977) Filing a Support Request in My VMware (2006985) Viewing, editing, and copying user permissions in My VMware (2006978) Viewing and updating a Support Request in My VMware … Read more