More Resolution Path KB articles

I got such positive feedback from my series on resolution paths that many more (all of them) have now been published on the official VMware website. I had a little to do with this as I work on the Knowledge base team (and actually wrote the post on the KB blog). As a reminder, Resolution … Read more

New official Knowledgebase blog

I have a breaking news announcement! A while back I made a post asking all of you for direct feedback on, or comments to, the VMware Knowledgebase Team, of which I am a member at VMware. First, be assured that I have taken every single comment and forwarded it onto my management, who are very … Read more

Help the Knowledgebase Team

Here’s a post in which you can help VMware. As you may know I am currently working in the Knowledge Management team at VMware. We are responsible for all content in We are constantly looking for ways to improve the value and usability of the knowledgebase for customers. Being searchable in Google is one … Read more

VMware KnowledgeBase needs to be made Findable

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Tomorrow is a special day for me.  I start a six-month rotation out of tech support into our knowledge management team as a Knowledge Champion here at VMware. The role is rotated through different members of the tech support teams globally, giving front line folks a chance to spread valuable knowledge both internally and externally. … Read more