Broadcom buys VMware for $61B

Big tech deals keep coming: Broadcom buys VMware for $61B

Computer chip and software maker Broadcom, on Thursday, May 26, 2022, will spend about $61 billion to acquire the cloud technology company VMware, one of the biggest deals of the year, with Dell Technologies Inc. spinning off its 81% equity stake in the company only about 6 months ago. Michael Dell is still VMware’s chairman … Read more

Cheerscrypt Ransomware Targets VMware

Cheerscrypt Linux-Based Ransomware Targets VMware ESXi Servers

Researchers have observed new Linux-based ransomware that joins other ransomware families, like LockBit and Hive, in targeting VMware ESXi servers. The Cheerscrypt ransomware employs a double extortion scheme to coerce its victim to pay the ransom, threatening to leak the encrypted files, notify customers of the data breach, and […] “Compromising EXSi servers has been … Read more

Persistent vulnerabilities put VMware on the defense

Persistent vulnerabilities put VMware on the defense

Recurring critical vulnerabilities for VMware products this year indicate a worrying trend for customers that suggests the virtualization leader is taking a more reactive approach to security. The company’s VMware Horizon product got hit hard by the Log4j vulnerability, and earlier this month VMware […] “Sometimes past performance is an indicator of future performance. In … Read more

6,700 VMware vCenter servers exposed to hackers


Thousands of VMware vCenter servers are currently exposed online and vulnerable to a new attack that can allow hackers to take over devices. The exploit for this bug is also a one-line cURL request, which makes it easy even for low-skilled threat actors to automate attacks. VMware has taken this bug very seriously and has … Read more

Creating VMs With ESXi is EASY

VMware ESXi

Creating Virtual Machines This video demonstrates how you can easily create a Windows Server 2019 virtual machine via the ESXi GUI and what settings you should use. In addition to this, we will show you step-by-step on how to automate the creation of a virtual machine using VMware PowerCLI. These steps are tailored more towards … Read more