Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


Alan Renouf has just recorded a new VMware Communities Podcast wherein he talks about how Spatial Computing, Virtual Reality and Augmented reality plays currently in the Enterprise. That’s a bit of a mouthful. Anyway, an interesting take of the state of things. Alan quips- “this was a great overview of what my life has been … Read more

VMworld 2019 session downloads


VMworld EU 2019 has just wrapped up and William Lam has provided us links and a script to download all of the sessions presented. Thanks, William. Simliar to VMworld US, the VMworld team has already processed and published a number of recordings! Similar to past years, I have put together a nice summary page that … Read more

What is a VMware Engineer?

VMware Engineer

VMware Engineers are in charge of managing and maintaining a VMware infrastructure installation. The Engineers are involved in a team environment with a cluster of Systems Engineers. They frequently collaborate and make efforts with engineers from both the Network engineering and the operations Support Center-OSC, department to help a range of customer environments across multiple … Read more

VMware booklist

VMware books

It’s been a while since I looked over what kind of books are available to purchase related to VMware products. Here’s a short sampler. If you don’t find one you’re interested in, just continue your search once you’re at Amazon.

VMware snapshot best practices

VMware Snapshots

This KBTV video provides an overview of snapshots in VMware products and details how to take a snapshot, revert a snapshot, go to a snapshot, delete a snapshot, and delete all snapshots. The video also explains what each of these features means. The video uses vSphere, but the basic principles apply to all VMware products … Read more