Binge-worthy Tech talk series

Binge-worthy Tech talk series

Check out VMware’s Tech Talk series which contains various videos offering information and discussions concerning our various product features and offerings. No marketing or sales speak here. Just the technical stuff! In the first episode, Rick Blythe (me) and Scott Laforet discuss VMware View. This is the first part in a three-part series that dives … Read more

32-bit ODBC DSN for vSphere


When you get around to installing vSphere,  if on a 64-bit Windows host in x86 compatibility mode, a 32-bit DSN is required for the database connection. If a DSN has been set up through Start > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC) the vSphere installer won’t be able to use this DSN. The 64-bit ODBC … Read more

News re: VMwarewolf!

The author of VMwarewolf is no longer employed by VMware. I just got the news today that my entire team- KX Online Channels is no longer employed.  What were KX Channels? Above all, we produced the VMware Knowledgebase. We also produced The Support Insider blog as well as the KB Digest blog. Also under our … Read more

Leap second adjustment on 30th of June


The world’s next leap second adjustment is scheduled for 30th of June 2015 at 23:59:60 UTC and system administrators need to be aware that this may cause issues on NTP synchronized devices and operating systems. Older Linux kernels are known to be affected by leap second. VMware has already issued the following articles on the … Read more