Installing ESX Server from a USB Drive

Here is an example of the great kind of information you can find in the VMware Community Forums. Paul provides complete instructions on how to install ESX Server from a USB flash drive. I’ll give you the requirements for this here, but you’ll have to read the full post yourself here. Requirements: – You will … Read more

VMware Player

VMware Player

Have you tried the VMWare Player? If you’re new to VMware or virtualization VMware Player is a good place to start getting your feet wet and testing how it works. VMware Player is a free download from VMware. You can’t create virtual machines with Player, but you can find all kinds of community-contributed virtual appliances … Read more

The Virtual Center Datastore

In the short six weeks that I have worked at VMWare I have already notice a number of cases revolving around database issues. Database connectivity, connections dropping, transaction logs filling. You might wonder why we have database issues with a virtualization product? Virtual Center is the central peice that binds Virtual Infrastructure 3 together. To … Read more

Convert Physical Machines to Virtual Machines – Free!

VMWare just announced the general availability of VMware Converter 3.0 VMware Converter lets you convert physical machines to virtual machines while they are still running. This is truly incredible. The virtualization of your server farm is now a pretty simple affair, Not only that, think of the potential of cloning a physical machine and backing … Read more

Daylight-Saving Time Extension

To all of my U.S. based vmware ESX users, don’t forget that extended daylight-saving time will begin March 2007, to comply with the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Spring forward will start three weeks earlier (March 11th, at 2:00 a.m.), and fall back will start on November 4th at 2:00 a.m VMware has produced an … Read more