32-bit ODBC DSN for vSphere


When you get around to installing vSphere,  if on a 64-bit Windows host in x86 compatibility mode, a 32-bit DSN is required for the database connection. If a DSN has been set up through Start > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC) the vSphere installer won’t be able to use this DSN. The 64-bit ODBC … Read more

vSphere Certificate Manager Utility

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We’d like to inform everyone of some excellent documentation and videos that were recently put together by some smart folks over at VMware. The following links provide details around the new vSphere Certificate Manager Utility, which is a huge step forward in terms of certificate management, as well as knowledgebase articles (with embedded videos!) that … Read more

vSphere 5 Network Poster

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The VMware Knowledgebase folks recently put together a networking diagram for vSphere 5.x that has gone viral. The original blog post about it can be found here. Some people, however, have been having a difficult time downloading the actual pdf file. We found an alternate download link for the diagram here. Pass it on to … Read more