Announcing the Release of vSphere 4

Today’s the day you’ve all been waiting for, the release of our brand new product, vSphere 4. If you already have a VMware account as a customer or partner you can download vSphere (ESX 4, ESXi 4, vCenter Server 4, and all of the add ons) here. For everyone else: Get guided evaluation of VMware … Read more

VMotion fails at 10 percent

A common problem I see is when VMotion fails at the 10% mark with a timeout. You might see a dialog popup which says- Operation timed outTasks: A general system error occurred:Failed waiting for data. Error 16. Invalid argument The VMware Knowledgebase writers have assembled a great list of possible reasons for this problem and … Read more

HA Failover Capacity

vmware shared storage

We get an enormous amount of questions about VMware’s HA (High Availability), especially when users see a message stating there are Insufficient resources to satisfy HA failover. We have already discussed the mechanism that HA uses to provide high availability here. Now we need to understand capacity calculations. In current versions of ESX (3.02) and … Read more

How does VMware HA work

vmware shared storage

Here’s a quick summary of how High Availability (HA) works in VMware ESX hosts- VMware HA continuously monitors all ESX Server hosts in a cluster and detects failures. An agent placed on each host maintains a “heartbeat” with the other hosts in the cluster and loss of a heartbeat initiates the process of restarting all … Read more