Convert Physical Machines to Virtual Machines – Free!

VMWare just announced the general availability of VMware Converter 3.0

VMware Converter lets you convert physical machines to virtual machines while they are still running. This is truly incredible. The virtualization of your server farm is now a pretty simple affair, Not only that, think of the potential of cloning a physical machine and backing it up as part of your disaster recovery plan. Very cool.

Converter 3.0 is the successor to P2V Assistant and VM Importer, as it incorporates and improves on existing features of both products, and with this release, the P2V Assistant product will no longer be offered for sale.

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3 thoughts on “Convert Physical Machines to Virtual Machines – Free!”

  1. The Converter does more than just P2V conversions too. Today I suggested to a customer that he use this tool to move an ESX 3.01 VM to an ESX 2.5 server. Kind of like a reverse DMotion

  2. I wish to import my Windows NT laptop to a virtual machine on my new MacBook, using Converter. I know this is a fundamental question; however, since I can’t find any documentation on it, I need to confirm: When choosing my destination, should I select “ESX server virtual machine” or “Workstation virtual machine”? I suspect the latter, but could you please convirm? Thanks.

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