Daylight-Saving Time Extension

To all of my U.S. based vmware ESX users, don’t forget that extended daylight-saving time will begin March 2007, to comply with the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Spring forward will start three weeks earlier (March 11th, at 2:00 a.m.), and fall back will start on November 4th at 2:00 a.m

VMware has produced an update for the affected products.


There seems to be some confusion about patching esx2 for the US 2007 DST changes?

Here is VMware’s KB on the subject.

So how do I determine when DST starts and ends on my box? Seems like a logical question. Try This command…

zdump -v /etc/localtime | grep 2007

You want to see Daylight Savings Time start on March 11 and end on November 4.

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