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VIMA stands for VMware Infrastructure Management Assistant, and is basically a 64-bit virtual machine where VMware administrators can execute scripts and install agents that they would normally try to run on the console operating system (COS).

Administrators and developers can use VIMA to run scripts and agents to manage ESX and ESXi systems. VIMA includes the VI Perl Toolkit and the VMware Infrastructure Remote CLI. VIMA also includes the vi-fastpass authentication component and the vi-logger logging component. vi-fastpass allows direct connection to established target servers. vi-logger allows you to collect logging information from ESX and ESXi hosts and store the information on VIMA for analysis.  

It is available as a free download!


Key VIMA Features:

  • Manage ESX hosts
  • App authentication
    (fast pass, credential store)
  • 64-bit Linux OS
  • VMware Tools
  • VI Perl Toolkit
  • RCLI
  • Basic SNMP
  • Centralized ESX Server Logging
  • Updatable 
  • Sample Code


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