ESX 4.0 Patch 10

ESX 4.0 Patch 10 is now available for download from VMware’s website:

  • Resolves an issue where ESX host might fail with PSOD when a physical NIC that does not support VLAN offload is moved from a vNetwork Distributed Switch (vDS) to a vNetwork Standard Switch (vSS) or from one vDS to another vDS.
  • Resolves an issue where powering on virtual machines might report some virtual machines in an invalid state due to exhaustion of VMkernel socket resources on ESX hosts.
  • Resolves an issue where a cache error occurs when a user name or group name that uses mixed case is fetched from an Active Directory Server through LDAP or QAS.
  • Updates the ESX service console kernel to kernel-2.6.18-238.9.1.el5.
  • Upgrades qlogic-fchba-provider to version 1.3.5, which contains updated QLogic CIM provider libraries.
  • Updates the krb5-libs and krb5-workstation RPMs to version 1.6.1-55.el5_6.1.
  • Updates mptsas, mpt2sas, and mptspi drivers.

Documentation & Release Notes
VMware ESX 4.0, Patch Release ESX400-201110001
VMware ESXi 4.0, Patch Release ESXi400-201110001

More KBs on the patches:

VMware ESX 4.0, Patch Release ESX400-201110001
VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-201110401-SG: Updates VMkernel, VMX, hostd,”> VMware Tools
VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-201110402-BG: Updates qlogic-fchba-provider
VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-201110403-SG: Updates Kerberos RPMs
VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-201110404-BG: Updates SATA AHCI controller driver
VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-201110405-BG: Updates sudo RPM
VMware ESXi 4.0, Patch Release ESXi400-201110001
VMware ESXi 4.0, Patch ESXi400-201110401-SG: Updates Firmware
VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-201110406-SG: Updates dhclient
VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-201110407-BG: Updates tzdata
VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-201110408-SG: Updates glibc, glibc-common, nscd
VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-201110409-SG: Updates mptsas, mpt2sas, mptspi drivers
VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-201110410-SG: Updates e1000 and e1000e drivers