ESX 4 vm-support script

This is not official or even verified, but I have heard recently that the vm-support script for ESX 4.0 hosts doesn’t behave quite the same as what we’ve become accustomed to in the past.

In some cases, the information that would normally be in the /tmp directory of the untarred vm-support output will instead be located in:


From what I’ve heard, this does not happen in all instances, and /tmp will be populated with the files that we have learned to expect from the ESX 3 family.

There is one more odd-ball to this mystery, where it is suggested that running vm-support from the COS vs from vSphere Client will result in different behavior, again, I have not verified this. It may or may not be related to where the script run is triggered, or instead by other circumstances unrelated to how the script was called.