Failed to initialize not well-formed invalid token

A few Virtualcenter users are reporting the following error when trying to start Virtualcenter:

Failed to initialize: not well-formed (invalid token)

The problem seems to happen if one or more ESX hosts being managed have Update 2 on them, but Virtualcenter itself is running Update 1 or earlier.

The problem doesn’t show right away.  Not until Virtualcenter server is actually restarted, and it won’t start.

The resolution is to upgrade Virtualcenter to Update 2. Apparently some schema changes are applied to the SQL database that resolve this. After this is done the service should start ok.

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2 thoughts on “Failed to initialize not well-formed invalid token”

  1. I searched and searched the VMWare forums to no avail. Then search for this exact error and up comes your blog post describing my EXACT problem.

    Thank you so much. You are a life saver!

  2. This saved lot of time instead of reinstalling the VC!( more cumbersome as there was a VM Labmanager linked to the VC). Thanks a ton!


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