Forgotten Snapshot Locator

Ever wonder if you had any old forgotten VM snapshots still running and chewing up disk space. Eric Siebert has written a VB Script to query the Virtual Center database and display all snapshots that exist in the VPX_SNAPSHOT table. The script can output to either a text file or to a message window and works with both Oracle and SQL Server databases.

Simply download the VB Script to your PC and update it with your correct SQL Server credentials and edit your UTC time offset. Then just add an icon to your desktop and click it any time you want to check for snapshots. The script retrieves the VM name, ESX host name, create date/time, current snapshot indicator and whether memory was included in the snapshot or not.

Download Snaps.vbs

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2 thoughts on “Forgotten Snapshot Locator”

  1. normaly is needet the port for the oracle connection. how is the syntax for this. or is it possible to use the tnsnames.ora entry in the script?


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