Google, VMware collaboration

Today, live at Google I/O, VMware and Google announced a joint initiative to support the development and deployment of Java-based applications in the cloud. VMware and Google have a shared vision to make it easy to build, run, and manage applications for the cloud, and to do so in a way that makes applications portable across clouds.  With this joint initiative, Spring becomes the preferred Java programming model for Google’s public cloud offering – Google App Engine. Additionally, the two companies have been working to integrate Google’s GWT (Google Web Toolkit) technology with the Spring framework and development tools, to enable Spring developers to easily and rapidly build rich internet applications.

For more details on the announcement itself, I have included some links to some blogs.  You can also view a replay of the webcast from the Google conference here.  For a general description of the announcement, and significance of this announcement, please see Steve Herrod’s blog.

For those interested in more of the technology details, I’d also refer you to Rod Johnson’s blog.

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