Incompatible HA Network

With the new Virtualcenter 2.5 Update 2 comes some tighter restrictions on HA network configurations.  This error message commonly occurs when the nodes in a cluster contain incompatible networks. An attempt to reconfigure clusters might fail now if they do not have identical networks.

Some customer are reporting the message:

HA agent on <esxhostname> in cluster <clustername> in <datacenter> has an error Incompatible HA Network:
Consider using the Advanced Cluster Settings das.allowNetwork to control network usage.

VMware has just published two Knowledgebase articles for this issue.  KB 1006606 covers the network compliance check, which will also link to KB 1006541 covering how to address the issue.  

I am also told VMware is working to have this included in the Update 2’s release notes.