Installing ESX Server from a USB Drive

Here is an example of the great kind of information you can find in the VMware Community Forums. Paul provides complete instructions on how to install ESX Server from a USB flash drive. I’ll give you the requirements for this here, but you’ll have to read the full post yourself here.

– You will need at least a 1 GB USB flash disk.
– You must have both the ESX 3.x CD-ROM and ISO image handy.

– You will need an ISO image extraction tool such as WinISO, MagicISO, or even WinRAR.

– You’ll need SYSLINUX, a Linux boot loader for removable media. Get it here:

– These instructions are based on a Windows PC for simplicity. If you’re a Linux guru, then you can obviously do this under Linux. You’d need to know how to mount .ISO images in order to extract files, etc.

6 thoughts on “Installing ESX Server from a USB Drive”

  1. DO you mean you install esx server 3.0 on a pc hardware? not a server hardware? Can you tell me which configuration your pc is?

  2. Blackblade, you be better off to post your question on the forum rather than here as that is where the original author posted this. Follow the link in the story.

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