Installing VMware Tools in a Windows virtual machine

How to install VMware Tools in a Windows vm

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Installing VMware Tools

VMware tools come with most VMware products they deliver various drivers for better performance of a virtual machine VMware tools are packaged in an ISO CD image which is mounted to virtual machines virtual cd-rom.

For the installation, there are different ISO images for different operating systems so make sure you select the correct OS when creating a new virtual machine.

To verify that setting go to VM edit settings options tab general options guest operating system and version note that your virtual machine must be off to change and configure the setting to install VMware tools.

Power on your Windows virtual machine if it is not already powered on and be sure to log in to the virtual machine as a user with administrative privileges.

When the desktop has loaded in the virtual machine menu, click VM guest install upgrade VMware tools and click OK.

VMware tools installation wizard appears inside of the console of the virtual machine.

Note if the VMware tools do not start automatically you probably have cd-rom outer run disabled in your Windows environment.

To run the installation manually go to the computer and run the cd-rom and follow the prompts in the wizard to complete the VMware tools installation. Choose the typical installation option. The installation might take a few minutes to complete.

When the VMware tools installation has finished restart the virtual machine to complete the installation.

VMware tools is now installed in your Windows environment.

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