More Resolution Path KB articles

I got such positive feedback from my series on resolution paths that many more (all of them) have now been published on the official VMware website. I had a little to do with this as I work on the Knowledge base team (and actually wrote the post on the KB blog).

As a reminder, Resolution Paths are collections of modular steps that can be used to solve tech support issues. Check them out.  These are very good and cover many common issues with VMware products.

The VMware Knowledgebase blog post about resolution paths can be found at Resolution Paths Published.

Tech Support KBs for VMware products

1 thought on “More Resolution Path KB articles”

  1. Amazingly good, thanks so much for taking these outside. Robert and I are working on some for a private community, and we keep saying to each other, “These are so cool — I hope they get published publicly!”

    Big plus for the community of users.

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