Installing VMware Tools in a Windows virtual machine

VMware tools

How to install VMware Tools in a Windows vm The video is based on VMware knowledgebase article 1018377 Installing VMware Tools VMware tools come with most VMware products they deliver various drivers for better performance of a virtual machine VMware tools are packaged in an ISO CD image which is mounted to virtual machines virtual … Read more

Your host does not meet minimum requirements to run VMware workstation

Your host does not meet minimum requirements to run VMware workstation with hyper-v or device/credential guard enabled

When installing VMware Workstation, you may see the following error- This issue is caused because the system does not meet certain minimum requirements. VMware Workstation and VirtualBox don’t work together with Hyper-V. These applications might not start virtual machines, or they may fall back to a slower, emulated mode. Your host does not meet minimum … Read more

VMwareKB TV is alive again

VMware Knowledgebase

I see that the YouTube channel known as VMwareKB has started publishing new content again after several years of going dark. It’s interesting to me because I was the one who created the channel many years back when I worked at VMware on the Knowledgebase team. YouTube has changed quite a bit since then, and … Read more

Using multiple vGPUs in a VM

VMware Knowledgebase

According to a new article by Duncan Epping, if you want to use multiple vGPUs here are the requirements/constraints as you can only add multiple vGPUs using a particular profile: vSphere 6.7 Update 3 is required VM Compatibility Version 15 is required Only “q” anc “c” profiles are supported You need to select the full-frame … Read more

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


Alan Renouf has just recorded a new VMware Communities Podcast wherein he talks about how Spatial Computing, Virtual Reality and Augmented reality plays currently in the Enterprise. That’s a bit of a mouthful. Anyway, an interesting take of the state of things. Alan quips- “this was a great overview of what my life has been … Read more