Patch now or forever hold your peace!

Anyone using ESX 3.5 listen up – this effects you!!

I cannot stress this enough.  If you do not apply this patch before June 1st 2011, you will be forever out of luck in applying ANY patches after that. Plan accordingly gentlemen.

To continue patching ESX 3.5 hosts, patch ESX350-201012410-BG needs to be applied BEFORE June 1, 2011. This patch updates the secure key.

Knowledgebase Article Critical Impact: VMware ESX 3.5, Patch ESX350-201012410-BG:

If there any updates on this, the KB will be updated.

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6 thoughts on “Patch now or forever hold your peace!”

  1. Let’s say, I don’t apply this patch.
    Will it still be possible to upgrade the hosts to 4.0 or 4.1 later (after June 1)?


  2. So is there something going on that would prevent you from just setting the date on the system to something pre June 1st and applying the patch?

  3. You can install the patch after 1 June 2011 by using the –nosig switch with esxupdate OR change the server date prior to 1 June 2011. The –nosig switch is easy enough.

  4. Hi, I am having problems patching ESX3i 3.5.0, 207095 using update manager with an error in the log files saying
    [2011-06-28 08:44:29] Checking signature of contents.xml…
    [2011-06-28 08:44:29] Signature is invalid :Key expired
    [2011-06-28 08:44:29] Signature checking failed on file :/tmp/esxupdate/esxupdate-193567529-1309250662-dc884a2d.tmp
    [2011-06-28 08:44:29] ERROR: Signature check failed.
    [2011-06-28 08:44:29] Failed to verify depot integrity.

    Is this related to this patch as I was not aware this patch was applicable to ESXi. If not, which forum would be best to post question?

  5. VMware ESX/ESXi 3.5 Installable CDs are available as of June 30, 2011.

    To continue applying patches on ESX/i 3.5 hosts, the secure key was needed to be updated before June 1, 2011. The ESX/i Installable CDs contain crucial patches that update the secure key. The Rollup CD Images contains the ESX/i 3.5 Update 5 and all the patches released after ESX/i 3.5 Update 5 until June 1, 2011
    Build Numbers

    Download Available at

    VMware ESX 3.5 June 2011 Rollup is available for download at
    Reference KB Article

    Information on the Secure Key Update can be found at:



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