Searching the VMware KB

Have you tried VMware’s new Google-powered KB search tool?

Recently, VMware revamped the ‘File an SR’ page on their site. This is the webpage you need to visit when you wish to open a Support Request online.

What you may not have noticed is that there is a search facility on that page to help you find self-help resources, after all, most of us know the answer to our problem is probably already documented, we just need the answer – and we need it now!

What’s interesting about this search is that it’s completely new, and independent from the old Knowledgebase search, which many will agree, has been poorly lacking in returning the most relevant results. Well, as I said in my opening sentence, this search is Google powered! They have one of those neat blue colored rack-mount Google appliances indexing the Knowledgebase and serving up the most relevant content using Google’s proprietary algorithms.

Try it!