SEO for the Knowledgebase

SEO for the VMware Knowledgebase One of the things I am tasked with in my role role at VMware is to find ways to increase the visibility of our self-help resources on the VMware website. In particular, I am looking at optimizing our Knowledge Base so that customers searching for information on some problem they have encountered shows up near the top in Google.

It used to be that the Knowledgebase wasn’t indexed at all by Google and other search engines. There were some critical road blocks up that prevented this.  We have that fixed now and much if not all of our KBs are in the index.

Do you know of any search strings you have typed into Google, only to find no KB article listed? Especially when you KNOW one exists! If so, let me know and I will fix it (or at least try).

I have years of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) under my belt as I run about a dozen other websites apart from this one. All pet projects. These skills are coming in very handy now.

Again, if you know of a particular KB article that ranks poorly I sure would like to know about it.

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