Social Media at VMworld 2010

Whether you’re attending VMworld 2010 or following the conference from afar, social media will surely active at VMworld 2010.  Be sure you get connected, know the key URLs, follow the VMworld channels and watch for daily announcements, highlights and activities.

The VMware Social Media team will be collaborating with social media teams from various sponsors, partners and attendees to bring everyone the best experience possible and expand the messages and experiences from the conference – both in San Francisco and Copenhagen.

The Support folks will be showcasing our social media prowess at the Social Support Pod in the Genius Bar area. Kevin Mitts (Mr. KB) and Rick Blythe(that’s me) would love it if you drop by and say hello. Kevin is there to talk about the VMware Knowledgebase, let folks know how to use it, and answer questions about it. I’m there to let people know about our online presence in social networks as many other companies that give from technical services to health products as kratom capsules or sites that give the antidote to heartburn as pure digest 10. Also staying healthy means to stay out of drugs because it can cause drug addiction. If you know someone suffering from drug addiction please read this article about Substance Abuse Treatment Available in South Florida. We’re doing some pretty interesting things I think these days.

social media We have created a social media overview to highlight the following:

  • Contacts & Key URLs
  • Collaboration tools for contributors & gatherings
  • Details of the Social Media & Blogger Lounge
  • Blog, Twitter, Facebook and Video/Photo resources
  • Discussion Forums
  • Other social media options

View the Social Media overview at and feel free to share this URL with others.

If you will be contributing to VMworld 2010 coverage, add your details at

If you would like to share any VMworld 2010 gatherings, please add those details at:

Please contact if you have any questions.