SDK: Managing the VMware Infrastructure and vSphere

Companies running VMware have already achieved enormous gains through virtualization. The next wave of benefits will come when they reduce the time and effort required to run and manage VMware platforms. The VMware Infrastructure Software Development Kit (VI SDK) includes application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow developers and administrators to do just that. Until now, … Read more


If you happen to search Google for one of the following phrases you might expect Google to return a list of official VMware Knowledgebase articles on the topic. crash debug screen machine crash screen ESX Server PSOD Purple screen crash report Decode purple screen error Guess what? VMware’s own document standards prevent us from using … Read more

VMware Go™: free web management for ESXi

Today VMware announced a new service aimed at the SMB market making it easier for these companies to adopt and move to a virtualized server environment.  This new offering is called "VMware Goâ„¢" and although currently in beta is predicted to go live in Q4 2009. “VMware Goâ„¢ is the latest innovation we’ve brought to … Read more

ESX 4 vm-support script

This is not official or even verified, but I have heard recently that the vm-support script for ESX 4.0 hosts doesn’t behave quite the same as what we’ve become accustomed to in the past. In some cases, the information that would normally be in the /tmp directory of the untarred vm-support output will instead be … Read more