ESX Patches

A new bunch of patches for ESX 3.5 and 3.0.x were posted this week from VMware. If you’re still in the old Virtual Infrastructure 3 world, you might want to look in to the latest patches as they contain security and critical updates. Patch Download and Installation See the VMware Update Manager Administration Guide for … Read more

Failed to install the VirtualCenter Agent Service

A number of customers have been reporting the message: “Failed to install the VirtualCenter Agent Service“, when trying to connect an ESX host to virtual center, often after upgrading to ESX 3.0.2 and VC 2.0.2. In all the cases I have come across these reason seems to be that /tmp/vmware-root does not exist. This directory … Read more

ESX Patch Management

One of the common questions I get here at VMware from customers calling in to tech support revolves around ESX Patch Management. What patch do I need? Do I need to apply patches in order? Do I want all the patches? How do I manage this? Here’s what I generally recommend- You don’t need to … Read more

VMware Workstation 6 Download

VMware Workstation

Today’s the day folks! VMware has released VMware Workstation 6, the sixth generation of its desktop virtualization software product. You can download the datasheet for more information or get an evaluation copy here. This is the version that allows users to record the execution of a virtual machine, including all inputs, outputs, and decisions made … Read more

Installing ESX Server from a USB Drive

Here is an example of the great kind of information you can find in the VMware Community Forums. Paul provides complete instructions on how to install ESX Server from a USB flash drive. I’ll give you the requirements for this here, but you’ll have to read the full post yourself here. Requirements: – You will … Read more