New ESX/ESXi 3.5 Patches today

I few patches today for users of VMware ESX and ESXi version 3.5 VMware ESX 3.5 March 2012 Patches VMware ESXi 3.5 March 2012 Patches VMware ESX 3.5 Patch ESX350-201203401-SG: Updates Apps, VMX, hostd, wbc, others VMware ESX 3.5 Patch ESX350-201203402-BG: Updates VMware Tools VMware ESX 3.5 Patch ESX350-201203403-SG: Updates mptscsi_2xx drivers and others VMware … Read more

VMware ESX Patches out today

VMware ESX 4.1, Patch Release ESX410-201201001 VMware ESX 4.1 Patch ESX410-201201401-SG: Updates VMkernel, CIM, Tools, and others VMware ESXi 4.1, Patch Release ESXi410-201201001 VMware ESX 4.1 Patch ESX410-201201402-SG: Updates curl VMware ESX 4.1 Patch ESX410-201201403-BG: Updates scsi-aacraid drivers VMware ESX 4.1 Patch ESX410-201201404-SG: Updates nss and nspr libraries VMware ESX 4.1 Patch ESX410-201201405-SG: Updates the … Read more

ESX 4.0 Patch 10

ESX 4.0 Patch 10 is now available for download from VMware’s website: Resolves an issue where ESX host might fail with PSOD when a physical NIC that does not support VLAN offload is moved from a vNetwork Distributed Switch (vDS) to a vNetwork Standard Switch (vSS) or from one vDS to another vDS. Resolves … Read more

ESX/ESXi 4.1 Patch #3 now Available

ESX/ESXi 4.1 Patch #3 is now GA. Please review the following links for details on the payload. Build Number: 433742 Download: KB Article:

DB permissions required after vCenter 4.1 install

Currently, KB 1022104 states the following: Make sure your database requirements and patch levels are compliant: Note: For more information, see vSphere Compatibility Matrix and vCenter Server Database Patch and Configuration Requirements. To use an existing database, you will need to provide a 64-bit system DSN that points to the vCenter Server database. Also, ensure … Read more