VMwareKB TV is alive again

VMware Knowledgebase

I see that the YouTube channel known as VMwareKB has started publishing new content again after several years of going dark. It’s interesting to me because I was the one who created the channel many years back when I worked at VMware on the Knowledgebase team. YouTube has changed quite a bit since then, and … Read more

VMware Fusion on OSX Mountain Lion

Lots of folks are finding out the same way I did that their copy of VMware Fusion will no longer run on their Mac. That’s because they just installed the latest incarnation of OSX called Mountain Lion. VMware has an FAQ out on the topic, and a new KB article: : VMware Fusion compatibility with … Read more

Searching the VMware KB

Have you tried VMware’s new Google-powered KB search tool? Recently, VMware revamped the ‘File an SR’ page on their site. This is the webpage you need to visit when you wish to open a Support Request online. What you may not have noticed is that there is a search facility on that page to help … Read more

VMware in Social Media

I’ve been Social Media Specialist at VMware now for just a couple of weeks but I’m already seeing this pay off hugely for customers. There have been some frustrations I have been able to spot in the SM space where I have jumped in, helped get the customer what he needed and helped VMware retain … Read more

VCP Equals a lot of CASH

Server Virtualization Blog has a very interesting salary chart indicating the VCP (VMware Certified Professional) certification is suddenly translating into huge salaries. Average VCP salaries for job postings nationwide are 261% higher than average A+ salaries for job postings nationwide.