There’s Help for Windows Vista

Chris Pirillo says he just went back to Windows XP from Vista. For Chris, Vista just had too little support for his current USB hardware and he missed the way XP just worked. His suggestion?


I quote-

“So, why recommend VMWare’s software over Microsoft’s own Virtual PC? That answer is exceedingly simple: VMWare is an amazingly robust virtualization tool – and it’s the only one that supports USB 2.0 device passthroughs. Virtual USB device support *ALONE* is makes it possible to run your XP-happy hardware on Windows Vista. Virtual PC is an inferior product by comparison – no arguments, my friends.”

That’s an awesome endorsement from a guy who is more Microsoft friendly than most other outspoken tech bloggers/podcasters.

I too have just had it with Vista and tossed it out. I bought a brand new laptop last weekend from my local big box electronic chain which had Vista preloaded on it. Sure looked nice and shiny in the store. Got it home and much to my dismay a lot of my software had issues with Vista, not to mention I couldn’t run my copy of VMware Workstation on it. Arrrgh!!

Now, me is smart, so I thought I’d be able to load up my old XP cd into it and load my trusty old XP operating system; as Chris said, it just works. Well, the XP boot cd could not sense any hard drives in this laptop. Probably a SATA drive thing, but I didn’t want any battles. Back to the store went this laptop, and back home I came with a discontinued model with XP on it. Thank-goodness. Just got it by the skin of my teeth as they were selling out fast.

People are going to be really unhappy with Vista I think. The short time I played with it I found it a real pain in the butt to use. I’m going to be much happier running XP and of course my VMware guest operating sytems!

And I can’t wait for VMware Workstation 6!

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5 thoughts on “There’s Help for Windows Vista”

  1. Well my answer to those engineers who complain about Vista is the fact those engineers did not know how to use Vista. Vista is the best operating system ever invented. Usuability, Productivity, performance way 1000% better than XP. I cannot believe that people even compare XP to Vista. There are no comparisions to begin with. Vista is the best and forget anything else.

    Today I finally retired my old XP laptop and replaced it with a new laptop and loaded it with Vista Ultimate. First the laptop starts really really really fast. Considering Running Visual Studio 2005 and SQL server 2005 , tomcat, IIS, and alot of other heavy applications … Boy this OS Rocks.

    So every person who complains about Vista, it means they are not familiar with how this product works.

  2. I HATE Vista!!!! I think it’s nothing but a glorified version of XP with a lot of glitz.

    Instead of great operability, I’ve got a system that can’t handle more than three windows open at a time and that locks up after about 20 minutes of internet browsing.

    Why don’t the Microsoft people focus on real operational improvements instead of eating up all kinds of memory with the cute graphics and glitzy interface?

    My new laptop is supposedly the fastest machine I’ve ever owned with more RAM and hard drive space than my other computers, but I have three times the problems running programs on it – and when I open Task Manager, what do I find but about 60 MB in use just to run Internet Explorer!! Another 20 or 30 MB for search indexing, and about 100 Microsoft services needing syshost files! AND THAT’S AFTER I’VE DISABLED SEVERAL VISTA FEATURES TO OPTIMIZE THE SYSTEM!

    This is ridiculous! BILL GATES – MAKE A SYSTEM THAT RUNS CLEAN!!!!!!!


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