ThinApp 4.6 is out the door

Vmware has released ThinApp 4.6, Build #287958.

Here’s what’s new in this release, as well as important links to review.

What’s New
The ThinApp 4.6 release adds the following features to improve usability, performance, and updates:

  • ThinApp Converter transparently captures installation content, generates ThinApp projects, and builds the projects into ThinApp packages. This process is fully automated, from when ThinApp Converter starts to run until the ThinApp package is built.
  • ThinApp can capture Internet Explorer 6 and many of its plug-ins on a Windows XP machine. Used in conjunction with the ThinApp ThinDirect plug-in, installed on a user’s native browser, Web sites, or specific pages can be redirected to automatically open in a virtual Internet Explorer 6 browser. In addition, an application that requires Internet Explorer 6 can be packaged with Internet Explorer 6, so that the application runs automatically on the virtual Internet Explorer 6.
  • ThinApp ThinReg application enables a virtual service to be installed as a physical service, so that it starts when the physical machine is started. Any user can start and stop the service.
  • Internet Explorer 6 is supported for Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) machines.
  • ThinApp Management SDK enables package inspection and control of package registration, streaming, and updates. The ThinApp Management SDK has been publicly released and is available as a download.
  • AppLink supports wildcard characters for directory files and for filenames, enabling recursive dependency collections.

For additional information about ThinApp 4.6, visit the following links:

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