Unable to get exclusive access to VC repository

If you ever have trouble starting Virtualcenter check the logs.

C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VirtualCenter Server\Logs

Look for this message:

[2008-01-17 01:05:43.917 ‘App’ 304 error] Unable to get exclusive access to VC repository.

This means there are some connections to the virtualcenter database (repository) that need to be freed before virtualcenter can use it. It will not start until it can get this exclusive access.

You can either restart the entire database server or locate any connections to the database and terminate them.  Then restart the virtualcenter service.

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2 thoughts on “Unable to get exclusive access to VC repository”

  1. We are routinely experiencing this exact error. There are no known connections/user locks on the DB when the DB is engaged to look at the problem. We can easily resolve it by shutting down the DB instance and restarting it – that is the ONLY thing that resolves it.


    Oracle 10g
    Windows 2003
    vSphere vCenter Server 4.0 U1
    vSphere vCenter Update Manger 4.0 U1

    Everything is Virtualized:

    vCenter Server is virtualized
    vCenter DB is a separate virtual System on Cent 5.4
    Update DB is a separate virtual DB System on Cent 5.4

    Research on the Web shows this exact issue has been re-occurring since VC 2.5 as early as Feb 2009, with SQL DB’s as well (no one is complaining about Oracle?)

    We have ran vCenter since the 1.0 days utilizing a PHYSICAL SERVER and PHYSICAL DB SERVER with ORACLE, doing a FRESH install each time we revved up to a newer version so this instance is NOT an upgrade, but a fresh install on a separate system than vCenter itself. We have not ever experienced it prior to this past few weeks.

    No, I have not yet logged a case with VMware (from what I can find out, logging a case has not ever resolved the issue with any reporting it previously – yes; I WILL LOG ONE anyway!)

    So, what gives?


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