VCP in Top Three Money Making certs

Here’s a list of the top five technical certifications by average salary:

  1. $99,928 – CISSP (Cert. Info. Sys. Security Professional)
  2. $93,953 – CCDA (Cisco Certified Design Associate)
  3. $91,271 – VMware Certified Professional
  4. $89,864 – CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional)
  5. $86,454 – MCSE (MS Certified Systems Engineer)

For a complete breakdown of the top 20 IT certifications by salary and a host of other IT skills and salary information, continue reading: Top five technical certifications by salary at ZDNet.

If that isn’t some incentive to get some training as an investment in yourself I don’t know what is.

4 thoughts on “VCP in Top Three Money Making certs”

  1. So, having VCP(3&4), CCNP and MCITP Enterprise Administrator (former MCSE) should make be a salary of $267,535? I seriously have to renegotiate again here… ;)

  2. Unfortunately, demographics play a large part as well as type of industry you choose as well.. For example, here in the northeast US, we see perhaps 2/3 of the stated average above (if we are lucky to find a job if it’s a rural (i.e. non-metro like Boston, NYC etc) area at that – Personally, I think self-employed contractors are the ones making the biggest $, but the grass is always greener as they say! ;)

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