VirtualCenter 2.5 Upgrade Database Issues

With the recent release of VirtualCenter 2.5 many customers are anxious to upgrade. The 2.5 release was not out one day before I had received a call from someone who installed VirtualCenter (and ESX 3.5) live into a production environment without even reading the release notes. No surprise they are now on the phone to me. Please do yourself a favor and read the release notes, then roll out the upgrade in an orderly manner that minimizes risk.

Although I don’t work on the team which deals with upgrade issues I have heard there are some customers hitting certain issues with the database side of the upgrade.

Administrative Credentials Are Required for Oracle and SQL Server Databases When Installing or Upgrading VirtualCenter

As of 2007-12-14, the Installation notes and KB article describing proper database administrative credentials has been updated. It covers Oracle, SQL2005 and SQL2000. The changes concern SQL2000


For SQL Server 2000 databases, make sure the database login has the db_owner fixed database role on the VirtualCenter database and on the MSDB database. DO NOT grant the System Administrators server role to this login. However, if this role was previously granted while the database was used with VirtualCenter Server 2.0.x, do not revoke the role; leave it as is.

The db_owner role on the MSDB database is required for installation and upgrade only. You can revoke this role after the installation or upgrade process is complete.

See KB:1003052

For SQL Server 2000, Do Not Grant or Revoke the System Administrators Role to Satisfy the Database Permission Requirements When Upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.5

There is a known permissions issue when upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.5 with SQL Server 2000


If the VC database user has been assigned the System Administrator role before the upgrade, a new parallel database will be created. When the upgrade is complete, no previous data will be available.

If the customer repopulates this new parallel database with their original hosts etc., the System Administrator role can not be removed or the new configuration data will be lost.

To restore the original data, the pre-upgrade database backup will be needed and the current SSL files will make things smoother.

See KB:1003346

As of 2007-12-14, the VMware Infrastructure 3 Release Notes have been updated to reflect the added KB:1003346 and updated KB:1003052 articles.

It’s a good idea to have these KB articles as well as the release notes printed in hard-copy before you upgrade your system.

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