VMotion stops working in vSphere

A couple of ahem… hiccups have popped up for some users of VMotion after upgrading to vSphere.

The Knowledge base team has been ultra-fast in responding to these, and two new KBs have appeared:

VMotion stops working after upgrading to vSphere 4.0 (1011294)


VMotion stops working after upgrading to vSphere 4 with a Licensing server is not configured error (1011296)

If you notice any issues with VMotion with vSphere, be sure to check those two articles out.

5 thoughts on “VMotion stops working in vSphere”

  1. Now that is a brilliant piece of Quality Assurance. vSphere 4 wasn’t rushed. Seriously. Trust me.

  2. Even though I am “pro VMware” admin I’d say that KB1011294 issue is not minor hiccup. Requirement to power off an VM after migration from ESX 3 to ESX 4 to get VMotion working is quite big problem for me and my clients.

  3. So – I have verified all these things and STILL vMotion isn’t working for me. These are fresh installs – not upgrades. The flag is always there – machine has to be powered off to perform this function….

    Dell poweredge 2950’s that had 3.5 update 2 on them. vMotion worked before installing 4.0 on the servers….any ideas?

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