VMware Go™: free web management for ESXi

Today VMware announced a new service aimed at the SMB market making it easier for these companies to adopt and move to a virtualized server environment.  This new offering is called "VMware Goâ„¢" and although currently in beta is predicted to go live in Q4 2009.

“VMware Goâ„¢ is the latest innovation we’ve brought to market as part of our ongoing commitment to helping SMB customers run their applications with more agility, profitability, and resilience,” said Dan Chu, vice president, emerging products and markets at VMware.  “Nearly every SMB stands to benefit tremendously from virtualization.  VMware Goâ„¢ will simplify virtualization for SMBs to a few easy online steps and was designed with SMBs in mind.  We want SMBs who may be sitting on the fence to realize all the benefits of virtualization without burdening their limited IT resources.” 

VMware Goâ„¢ is a free web-based service that will enable SMB customers to fly through the ESXi setup process with just a few mouse clicks.  The award-winning VMware ESXi is the industry’s most widely deployed hypervisor, with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.  VMware ESXi, also available for free, allows companies to reduce overhead and simplify business operations by running multiple operating systems and applications on a single server, spending less money on hardware, power and cooling, and server administration. VMware ESXi together with VMware Go is an on-ramp for companies new to virtualization, especially small businesses who may not think they have the time or budget to get started.

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