VMware in Social Media

VMwarecaresI’ve been Social Media Specialist at VMware now for just a couple of weeks but I’m already seeing this pay off hugely for customers.

There have been some frustrations I have been able to spot in the SM space where I have jumped in, helped get the customer what he needed and helped VMware retain a customer. It is very rewarding taking some responsibility in a situation which, in the end, results in much gratitude and props from the customer in a public space.

It’s going to help us too. The best way to improve our products is to listen to those who have a problem with it.

If I can assist any of you with a support or licensing problem, you can reach me on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/VMwarecares. You can direct message me too if you don’t want this discussed in a public forum.

Spread the word: VMwareCares is open for business!

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