VMware Player

Have you tried the VMWare Player?

If you’re new to VMware or virtualization VMware Player is a good place to start getting your feet wet and testing how it works.

VMware Player is a free download from VMware. You can’t create virtual machines with Player, but you can find all kinds of community-contributed virtual appliances on VMware’s Virtual Appliance Marketplace, many of them free too! Many of these appliances are quite useful. The LAMP appliance, for instance, gives you a pre-configured Linux, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, Python, and Perl setup, along with several Web-based configuration tools, all in one ready-to-use package. No cumbersome setup or configuration required, just download and run it in VMware Player. Your very own Web-server, fully configurable through a Web-browser, up and running on your intranet in no time. There’s also the Browser Appliance. The Browser Appliance allows users to securely browse the Internet using Mozilla Firefox with no risk to your host operating system.

All great stuff!
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VMware Player
VMware Player
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