VMware web sprawl

Another blog (Musings of Rodos) points out that information is getting harder and harder to present to make available on the web in anything resembling a unified manner.  He cites VMTN, VMware.com, VMworld community, VMware whitepapers, VIOPS, Documentation sets, and lastly, the project I am part of, the VMware Knowledgebase.

Part of the problem is that different operating units inside VMware have responsibilities for different silos of information. And we all want to push that information out to the public.  Makes sense, as the public has proven to be very thirsty for this information.

What I’ve found as an employee of VMware is that:

  1. There is no in-house knowledge of search engine optimization. I have touched on this here.
  2. There is no unified organization or even inventory, of the information we have.

Wouldn’t it be great if everything folded into one interface, with a structure so simple it looked like Google designed it? I don’t know, maybe this is impossible or too costly to implement but I think we have to try.

At least more of us are starting to talk about it.

5 thoughts on “VMware web sprawl”

  1. This sort of problem is not uncommon; lots of large organizations run into this very issue. How well VMware addresses this issue, if at all, will have a “ripple effect” on the quality of customer service and technical support, which in turn can effect growth and profitability. It’s good that attention is being turned to the issue, and I hope that VMware can find a good answer to the problem.

  2. VMware and Microsoft have a similar problem.

    Perhaps analyze MS’ site for ideas on they organize things, then adapt it etc.

    It would be great to have all the forums unified — but they MUST improve or fix the software!!!

  3. Yeah, VMware is pretty disorganized. What doesn’t help is that horrid searching in the KB system either. There are so many little pockets of information out there that it’s a bit annoying when you can’t find something you know you saw before.

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