VMware Workstation 6 Download

Today’s the day folks! VMware has released VMware Workstation 6, the sixth generation of its desktop virtualization software product. You can download the datasheet for more information or get an evaluation copy here. This is the version that allows users to record the execution of a virtual machine, including all inputs, outputs, and decisions made along the way. On-demand, the user can go ‘back in time‘ to the start of the recording and replay execution, guaranteeing that the virtual machine will perform exactly the same operations every time and ensuring bugs can be reproduced and resolved. I spoke more about this here.

Here’s what James Michels, head of technology at Bluefin Trading, a private trading firm specializing in equities, debt, option, and derivatives trading had to say about Workstation 6-

“I am a developer who works primarily with Windows Vista x64, so VMware Workstation’s 64-bit support is very useful to me. Before I release my code, I regularly use VMware Workstation to try the application out on 32-bit Windows Vista as well as 32-bit Windows XP. Additionally, I have fresh installs to test out applications against. And, I can do all of this on a single desktop. Once you use VMware Workstation, you can’t imagine life without it.”

VMware Workstation
VMware Workstation

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