VMworld 2019 session downloads

VMworld EU 2019 has just wrapped up and William Lam has provided us links and a script to download all of the sessions presented. Thanks, William.

Simliar to VMworld US, the VMworld team has already processed and published a number of recordings! Similar to past years, I have put together a nice summary page that contains all the session recordings links separated out by the different categories which you can find by visiting https://vmwa.re/vmworld2019.

As of writing this, there are a total of 404 sessions with 267 published with recordings. I will check back next week when more videos and/or PPT decks are posted. Huge thanks to the VMworld team for getting this content out so quickly, be sure to give them a huge thanks if you are on Twitter.

In addition, I have also published eu.txt file which contains the name of the session + download URL which can then be used by this quick PowerShell script called downloadSessions.ps1 to automatically download. You can edit the us.txt file to only include sessions you want to be downloaded (make sure its copied from the original file) since it contains the “#” symbol as a delimiter for the title and the download URL.

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