Which Virtual Center Log File

Here is another guide to which logfiles Virtual Center uses. If you recall, we posted information about the various logs on the ESX side here.

Virtual Center Installation Logs

Install logs are located in the %TEMP%directory of the user that installed software

  • vmlic.log test results for served license file during install
  • redist.log MDAC/MCAD QFE rollup install results
  • vmmsde.log MSDE installation log
  • vmls.log License server installation log
  • vmosql.log Creation of database/trans logs for VCDB
  • vminst.log Log of VC server installation and subtasks
  • VCDatabaseUpgrade.log Details of upgrading from VC 1.x DB
  • vmmsi.log VI client installation logvpx’vpxd-0.log small stub from first time starting service

Virtual Center Logs

  • Location: %TEMP%\vpx (relative to the user account running vpxd)
  • Name: vpxd-#.log (# is one digit, 0-9)
  • vpxd-index contains the # of the currently active log file
  • Logs rotate each time vpxd is started, and also when it reaches 5 MB in size

VI Client Logs

  • Intended for client-specific diagnostics
  • Location: %TEMP%\vpx (relative to the user running the client)
  • Name: viclient-#.log (# is one digit, 0-9)
  • No index file
  • Logs rotate each time VI Client is started

Miscellaneous Logs

  • Core dump location %USERPROFILE%’Application Data’VMware
  • License Server debug log %ALLUSERSPROFILE%’Application Data’VMware’VMware License Server’lmgrd.log(reset each time the service starts; no rotation)
  • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%’Application Data’Macrovision’FLEXlm’
  • Web Access (Tomcat) LogsC:’Program Files’VMware’VMware VirtualCenter 2.0’tomcat’logs
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